Michelle Elsesser

I have always had a natural eye for styling & décor which has turned Home Staging and design from a passion of mine, into a career. As a CSRA Professional Home Stager, I want to share my vision of staging and styling with you as a home owner to help you maximize your property value.

What makes me different? Selling your home is already an emotional process. When you work with me, I make the process of staging your home easy and simple to understand. I have a talent of pulling existing pieces together or adding new to make each room warm & inviting in your home. Getting the maximum sales price of your home in a shorter time frame is my goal for you as a client.

Remember, your home is an investment. First impressions are everything. Staging your home always cost less than your first price reduction. Let me help you showcase the overall presentation of your home to perspective buyers so they will fall in love the minute they walk through the front door.

What other questions can I answer?
Contact me today at Michelle@stagedstyled.com
Or Call me today at 651-336-5305